Redcan Logistics Provides The Most Popular Form Of Car Transporting Service That Is Open Auto Transport


What do you mean by open auto transport?

The most popular form of auto transporting service is open auto transport. It is better to plan open auto transport for vehicle shipping than enclosed auto transport. Since an average of 8-10 vehicles can be transported at once by open auto transport. In Redcan Logisticsopen auto transport is often more cost-effective than enclosed auto transport.

What are the advantages of open auto transport in Redcan Logistics?

  • Offer you Speedy Service

The easiest way to ship your car is by Open Auto Transport. More than 90% of truckers run an open road trailer for vehicle transport, which means there are more opportunities for picking up the car.

  • Best affordable choice

When transporting a vehicle, most individuals are only searching for the best overall choice. Some persons, often owners of antique vehicles, choose enclosed ships. But if you’re looking for the cheapest option for your cash, the way to go is by open auto transport.

  • Employed by most dealerships for vehicles

When they send cars from one place to another, dealerships nearly always use open auto transport. We partner with some of the country’s biggest suppliers and also bring brand new cars using open auto transport for them.

Why Redcan Logistics is used for open auto transport:

  • Trusted Carrier Network

Due to the adherence to high quality service levels, all of our carriers are selected. This helps us very easily to find the right performing carriers to transport a vehicle.

  • The best rates

We are still giving the lowest available car transporting rates. All considerations are calculated by our smart online calculator to get you the fairest and most reliable possible open auto transport fee.

  • No cost upfront

As described above, after the carrier has been dispatched for your order, most car transport firms charge you. This means that you will now be able to reserve your open auto transport and think about the bill later.

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