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Redcan logistics

We provide a full range of quality Auto Logistic Services

With over decades of experience in vehicle transport, we are the experts you can depend on to easily and reliably for vehicle shipping by truck to Toronto. If you need to ship one vehicle or many, our fleet of trucks can accommodate your vehicle transport needs. Redcan Logistics provides safe, secure, on-time automobile shipping truck for individuals, dealerships.

You never have to worry when your shipment of vehicle will start. Customer loyalty is our first priority and ensuring that your automobile is shipped on schedule is essential to upholding a customer service gold standard. You can even email us to watch your shipment at any time, because when you book with us for automobile shipping by truck to Toronto, you know where your vehicle is.

The three foundations of the success of automobile shipping by truck are quick, secure and on schedule and are precisely what you can assume when you chose Redcan Logistics for your vehicle shipment to Toronto by truck.

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Door to Door Delivery is also offered, meaning we can pick up your vehicle in your backyard and bring it straight to the other end of your door. At a central point, there is no need to leave off or pick up your vehicle; we are going to come straight to you!

Fully Insured

Of course, when your vehicle is shipped by truck to Toronto, a major consideration will be occur whether the vehicle is stable and protected during travel. Ok, you won’t have much to think about when you choose Redcan Logistics for your vehicle transportation as we have an outstanding record of shipping vehicles without injury, so if any injury happens due to failure by our truck, we are completely covered, therefore the vehicle will be fixed at no charge to you.

Why choose us

10+ years on the market. High quality standards. Modern equipment.

High quality standards

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Cargo insurance

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3000+m2 of storage

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20+ employees

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Minimal processing times

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100% confidentiality

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